Eruption: IPA

An explosive IPA stacked with bucket loads of the green stuff. Pure Canterbury Ale and Toffee malts giving a complex malt body and a deep golden hue. A punchy bitterness is finished off with loads of late boil flavour & aroma hopping and finally…

Eruption: Molten Brown Ale

A complex and punchy Brown Ale with a large hop finish….Selected Canterbury Malts blended to perfection to give a deep malt flavour and red/brown hues in the glass. Late boil hops and a hefty dry hopping with Nelson Sauvin give this a decidedly alternative…

Brew Moon: Dark Side

Dark Side (of the Moon) Stout – is strong, dark and full flavoured. The chocolate malts and roast barley balance the higher alcohol, giving a beer that is creamy and easy to drink. 6%

Brew Moon: Ole Mole

Olé Molé – A culinary beer inspired by the famous Mexican dish Mole. This beer has lots of different spices including 3 different chillis and cocoa on a bock base to produce one balanced but very sexy Mexican! 5%

Tuatara: Best Bitter

We have a soft spot for the English pint of Best. They don’t drink beer over there, they gulp it, and you can’t gulp all this modern rocket fuel without the landlord taking an interest in your health and pointing you to the nearest…

Weezledog – Dickledoi

Too hoppy and strong to be considered a traditional Irish Red, but far too malt focussed to be called an American Amber/Red Ale, Imperial Ruby Ale is what it is; big red and malty. 7%

Tuatara – Conehead

Conehead is Tuatara’s annual tribute to green-hopping and a legend in the world of the hop-struck. It’s as close to a pagan fertility ritual as brewing gets, adding a load of Nelson Sauvin that’s never seen the inside of a kiln to a richly…

Hallertau: #1

A New Zealand take on the Kolsch style of beer that originates from Cologne, Germany.This summer quencher displays tropical fruit and luscious blueberries notes finishing with a crisp delicate dryness. Guaranteed to satisfy your thirst. 4.5%

Golden Eagle: Citradel (Hand Pull)

Extremely pale and delicate malt supporting a big hit of fresh stonefruit – peach and nectarine. Very quaffable! 4.5%

Golden Bear: Blackbeard

Pirate Porter! This porter is everything you want it to be Robust,Black, Roasted Malts, Chocolate. YUM 6.4%