Mata: Brown Boy

Mata Brown Boy is a luscious full flavoured amber ale that pours a striking reddish brown. The specialty four malt blend brings caramel, toffee-like malty characteristics balanced by refreshing hop flavour and aroma, medium bitterness. and a dash of pepper from NZ’s indigenous horopito….

Mikes: RIP

(Robust Imperial Porter) Big and robust, this imperial porter will put hairs on your chest. 8.5%

Mikes: Dark Ale

English Dark Mild Ale, tasty and sessionable at 4%

Mikes: Vanilla Coffee Porter

Fresh roasted coffee with good bitterness and creamy vanilla 8%

Mikes: Chocolate Milk Stout

Chocolate Milk Stout: Roasty, toasty coffee chocolate and nuts with plenty of roasted malts but at an easy drinking 5%

Mikes: Whisky Porter

Whisky Porter: This barrel aged imperial porter has the aroma of Whisky, oak & ripe berries. It gives a chocolate warm alcohol glow 10.5%

Behemoth The Tits

The Tits Stout:  Sweet milk stout. Great for a winter warmer. 5.5%

Mata: Wai Iti Waka

Wai-iti Waka is a showcase of NZ’s Wai-iti hop which fills the senses with enticing flavours and aromas of mandarin, lime and passion fruit. This Pale Ale oozes sessionability and is delicious on any occasion. 5.5%

Mount Brewing Co. :Mermaid’s Mirth IPA

Mermaid’s Mirth IPA: Big sweet citrus fruit salad aroma and flavour 6%

Two Fingers: Joan of Arc

Smoked Pilsner!The brewery is named after the way the French used to cut off the two bow fingers of the English archers in the battle of Agincourt in 1415. Around the same time, Joan of Arc was born and eventually burned at the stake…