Garage Project: Death from Above

This has been one of the most challenging Garage brews to date. At its heart was  the idea of combining aggressive, high citrus character of American hops with the heat and sweetness of Indochine flavours. Have you ever tried a Vietnamese mango and chili…

Sawmill Crystal Wheat

Sunshine in a glass. This crisp and refreshing wheat lager has an undertone of lemon and is lightly hopped. It is also ludicrously easy to drink. Neck some with seafood. 4.5%

Cassels Best Bitter (Hand Pull)

Cask conditioned and served from a traditional handpump, this beer pours a bright amber hue with a thin white head. The aroma is sweet and fruity with lemon curd and grape combining with luscious cookie-like malt notes. 4.3%

Joppa Stout

Swanson brewer Barb Joppa won the SOBA New Zealand Home Brew Competition with the highest ever points score. Californian ex-pat Barb’s prize was to have her beer brewed and commercially released by Hallertau Brewery. Joppa Stout is a full bodied beer with a lot…

Mata: Artesian Lager

MATA ARTESIAN is a German style Kolsch with a Kiwi twist. A crisp and refreshing light bodied lager, with medium bitterness, gentle carbonation and delicate malt flavour. Mata Artesian is named after the source of water all MATA beers are brewed with. 5%

Liberty: Yakima Monster

It’s an easy drinking beer, flavoursome enough for your father ‘n law to exclaim “Wow – that’s fruity!” yet complex enough for any green blooded hop-head to appreciate

Tuatara Conehead

Conehead is Tuatara’s annual tribute to green-hopping and a legend in the world of the hop-struck. It’s as close to a pagan fertility ritual as brewing gets, adding a load of Nelson Sauvin that’s never seen the inside of a kiln to a richly…

Schippers: Golden Geezer

A charismatic classic ale that is very hard to turn down.4.6%

Epic: Imperium Stout

In Luke’s own words, its black, its soft, its malty and with notes of toasty loveliness. 9%

Cassels: Milk Stout (Hand Pull)

Pouring an intense black hue beneath a deep, tan coloured head, the aroma is appetisingly rich, with a sweetish, mocha-like combination of chocolate and coffee notes dominating. Creamy and smooth, with just an edge of sweetness, the combines milk chocolate, caramel and soft fruity…