Epic: Lupulingus

An intergalactic tangerine colour. The hop intensity is so great you continue to get the flavours developing in your mouth long after you have swallowed. It is full-on ripe summer stonefruit – like baked caramalized peaches, drizzled with apricot syrup – the hop resin…

Moa: Imperial Stout

Moa Imperial Stout is a very strong, bold upfront and rich offering of a famous beer style. Aged in Pinot Noir barrels, this beer not only displays coffee and mocha charters but also some sweet and spicy notes. A tannin like finish and an…

Liberty: Knife Party

Originally brewed in limited stocks for the annual West Coast IPA Challenge at The Malthouse bar in Wellington. The WCIPAC, is a celebration of all the wonderful beer qualities that typify the west coast of the United States, where full-on hops rule the roost….

Tuatara: Whittakers Chocolate Stout

Chocolate is as popular as beer itself and an important note in a bunch of great dark ales. So for Tuatara’s new BLACK series we went all out and made a dark ale heavily impregnated with actual chocolate. A load of super dark was…

Tuatara: Mojo Stout

Mojo Coffee has been keeping Wellingtonians on high alert for almost as long as Tuatara has been chilling them out, so a collaboration seemed well overdue. Tuatara’s new BLACK series provided the perfect excuse. Introducing coffee into our toasted malt stout has given it…

Good George: APA

Aroma – orange, mango, pine. Flavour – citrus peel, peach. Mouthfeel – dry with a soft lingering bitterness 5.3%

Laughing Bones: Up Yer Kilt

Strong Scotch Ale is a true descendant of the “Wee Heavy” from Scotland. Brewed from seven different grains and utilizing a “kettle caramelization” technique this beer delivers a complex, richly malty experience with notes of caramel,  toffee, plums and raisins. The 6.5% alcohol is…

North End: ESB

Marmalade, tangerine zest, berry fruit, toffee, ginger loaf and bready malt all vie for attention in the nose. In the mouth the beer is richly malty with an initial sweet caramelised malt character quickly balanced by fruity drying hop bitterness. 5.8%

Altitude Brewing: Posturing Professional

This Alpine ale is dedicated to the posturing mountain professionals. A tasty sessionable drop from the hills of Queenstown. 5%

Three Boys: Best Bitter (Hand Pull)

A name often dropped for fear of offending, the Bitter style lies at the ancestral roots of many modern ales. This Best Bitter rewards with full, earthy flavours that make you think of English pubs and the thwack of leather on willow!