Fiasco: Double Deckya

Massive Imperial Black NZ IPA, not for the faint hearted.  Big amounts of Rakau, Nelson Sauvin, NZ Cascade and Kohatu hops.  Dark complex malt build. Chocolate, toffee, caramel, roasted malts, coffee, plum and raisin notes all come through on the palate. 9.2%      

Fiasco: Fiesty Wheat

Feisty Wheat is a 5% American Wheat beer that showcases the Sorachi Ace hop. Big lemon notes dominate the flavour. From the aroma to the finish, hop lovers are definitely in for a treat!

Moa: Helles Rauchbier

A Bamberg- style Helles Rauchbier, this malt driven beer has subtle smoke characters from Beech smoked malt that are complemented bya  balanced malt sweetness. 5%

Epic: Coffee and Fig Stout

Made with caramelized Turkish Figs, Coffee Beans, and Toasted Philippine Coconut. This is the yearly offering of Epic’s amazing stout. 8%

Sparks Brewing: Extra Stout

The winning 2012 National Homebrew Competition gold medal recipe. A dark and intensely roasty ale with strong aromas of coffee and chocolate. 6.2%

Liberty: La Debut De Tout

100% NZ ingredients with Gladfield Pilsner, Aurora malt and NZ Liberty hops. The yeast is from DuPont brewery in Belgium. Noted characters are bubblegum with spice on the nose, grapefruit. 4.7%

Hallertau: Ordained

A big fat IPA with juicy caramel and biscuit flavours combining with Jammy berry hop characters with a cleansing bitter finish. 6.5%

Hallertau: Maximus

The fiercely floral and fragrant hop, known as the earth wolf by the ancients, has been cunningly tamed with a soft, rich, maltiness. 6.8%  

Hallertau: Stuntman

Best not attempted by the fainthearted. Ten top additions make this an utterly rambunctious thrillseeker of an ale. Brace your senses for the ride 9%

Mount Brewing: Shaggy Ale

Red colour, malty aroma and flavour with distinct spicy English hop flavour. Medium body. Balanced bitterness. Shaggy is Mount Brewing Co’s oldest beer.  Its recipe has evolved over the years.  It has never fitted one of the defined styles, instead it has been crafted on…