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Sparks Brewing: Extra Stout

The winning 2012 National Homebrew Competition gold medal recipe. A dark and intensely roasty ale with strong aromas of coffee and chocolate. 6.2%

Liberty: La Debut De Tout

100% NZ ingredients with Gladfield Pilsner, Aurora malt and NZ Liberty hops. The yeast is from DuPont brewery in Belgium. Noted characters are bubblegum with spice on the nose, grapefruit. 4.7%

Hallertau: Ordained

A big fat IPA with juicy caramel and biscuit flavours combining with Jammy berry hop characters with a cleansing bitter finish. 6.5%

Ben Middlemiss: Sawn Off

Unfiltered, unpasteurized, freshly hewn ale brewed at Leigh sawmill. 4.8%

Rocky Knob: Oceanside Amber

Mt Maunganui’s Oceanside Hotel served brown beer. In memory of this great establishment we bring you more brown beer, this time with way more aroma and flavour. A frisky amber ale with a straw and citrus tang, stone fruit and hops (we like hops)…

Libertau (Hallertau + Liberty): Haterade

Haterade is a sour-ish Double India Pale Ale of immense proportions. Described as a “beer for jealous types”, Haterade is produced from all New Zealand malt and all American hops and has a whopping big ABV (alcohol by volume) of 8.5%.

Tuatara: Tiramisu Stout

The BLACK Tiramisu stout was one of the most popular brews at Beervana. This chocolate and coffee-infused stout, aged in fortified barrels was described by many as “dessert in a glass” 8%

Liberty: C!tra

C!tra.  Imperial IPA featuring Citra Hops (of course). The King of New Zealand Hoppy Beers! 9%

Zeffer: Slack Ma Girdle

This premium cider is made from a combination of over 50 different cider apple varieties, sourced from small independent growers who are as passionate about their apples as we are about cider. A full bodied flavour with good length and balance. 6.6%