Hallertau: Maximus

The fiercely floral and fragrant hop, known as the earth wolf by the ancients, has been cunningly tamed with a soft, rich, maltiness. 6.8%  

Hallertau: Stuntman

Best not attempted by the fainthearted. Ten top additions make this an utterly rambunctious thrillseeker of an ale. Brace your senses for the ride 9%

Mount Brewing: Shaggy Ale

Red colour, malty aroma and flavour with distinct spicy English hop flavour. Medium body. Balanced bitterness. Shaggy is Mount Brewing Co’s oldest beer.  Its recipe has evolved over the years.  It has never fitted one of the defined styles, instead it has been crafted on…

Tuatara: Portly Abbot

Tuatara Portly Abbot is an Oak Aged Belgian Ale. The brewers who have carefully nurtured it for months in the barrels say “it may have looked holier than thou but this opulently rich barrel-aged Belgian beer proved a jolly fellow with its aging process giving a…

Four Avenues: Half Nelson (Hand Pull)

An English-style pale ale, malt driven in terms of both aromas and flavour. Faintly floral, a little sweet but generally tasty and only subtle bitterness. Lingering flavours of orange marmalade. A good session beer. 3.8%

Laughing Bones: Kaiser Alt

Brewed to celebrate Octoberfest. This is a spin on a traditional german Alt beer. Incredibly smooth, creamy and yet sparkling. A session beer if ever there were one! 5.2%

ParrotDog: PitBull

Pungent, full-bodied and extremely robust, the ParrotDog PitBull has been crafted as a special tribute to the American Bull Terrier, a highly misunderstood, yet extremely courageous dog. Infused with a generous amount of bitter American hops, the ParrotDog PitBull packs an impressive alcohol content…

Mata: Hip Hop Pilsner

A crisp NZ style pilsner with medium bitterness and a hip hop burst of citrus hop flavour and aroma from renowned NZ grown Riwaka, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hop varieties 5%

Behemoth: Brave Bikkie

Coconut, cocoa nib brown ale. For the ANZACs, like a chocolate covered ANZAC biscuit. Gold medal and Trophy Winner festive beer 2014. 6%

Mikes English Bitter (Hand Pull)

Malty, sessionable bitter, without any true bitterness. 4%