Schippers: Boffin

This slightly sweet, but easy-to-drink beer hints at tropical fruit and raisins. Created as a light lower-alcohol refreshment, this brew is perfect for people who still have work to do (or like having more than a couple) 3.7%

Behemoth: Coco-Nut Coffee Brown Ale

Coconut Coffee Brown Ale. The addition of coffee to the Coconut, cocoa nib brown ale. For the ANZACs, like a chocolate covered ANZAC biscuit. Gold medal and Trophy Winner festive beer 2014. 6%

Behemoth: Murica

This here beer is for all y’all with a hankering’ fir freedom, freedom to enjoy all them there hops. We done used good ‘ol malts and gussied it up wit loads of granny-slappin’ good ‘murices hops. Pick up ‘ya britches, get ya clog hoppers…

Golden Eagle: Coalface Stout

Pure Canterbury water, dark roasted barley, NZ, English & American hops are brought together with passion to create this extra dark earth shattering stout. 6.2%

8 wired: Rasta Stout

Light malt and light grapefruit aroma.  Medium bodied. Grapefruit and pine linger with a coffee finish. 6%

Epic Loves Bacon

A distinct note of yellow plum on the nose, before a smooth, smoky, creamy attack with lovely savoury herbs and bacon fat flavours coating the palate. A delicious beer made with Freedom Farms free range bacon. Oink. 6%

North End: ESB

Marmalade, tangerine zest, berry fruit, toffee, ginger loaf and bready malt all vie for attention in the nose. In the mouth the beer is richly malty with an initial sweet caramelised malt character quickly balanced by fruity drying hop bitterness. 5.8%

North End: Amber

Aromas of marmalade and grapefruit combine with caramel and a hint of chocolate, in the mouth the beer is rounded with a firm biscuit malt character with hints of toffee, caramel and chocolate balanced by a lightly resinous citrus hop character leading to a…

Golden Eagle: Big Yank American IPA

In true American IPA style, this beer packs a nose and mouthful of hops with a malt backbone and bitterness to match! 6.2%

Weezledog: Epiphany Pale Ale

The malt offers hints of honey, biscuit and freshly baked bread, while the hops offer the rich orange, lime and lemon flavours NZ hops are known for. 5.5%