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Love this bar ūüôā Fantastic selection of NZ Craft Beer with a constantly rotating selection of taps. The staff however are what truly make this a great place to come, great service, witty banter & helpful knowledge. What more could you want? ..great food? Yeah they’ve got that too.
Rated 5/5 –¬†ZOMATO USER

Best gastropub in Newmarket. Welcoming, neighborly and real. Not trendy and 100% better for not having any weird stylistic interior or decorator created fantasy.
When I noted “real” I meant it. This is a signature New Zealand style venue.
Welcoming staff and friendly clientele.
The beer from the kegs is part of the extensive selection on offer which changes every day. So, you might find a new treat and never be able to get the IPA again.
By the way, food is often in shared plates and eaten with fingers.
Interesting selection of Hoppsters, Nitro, Dark Beers, Wheats, Ciders, Sours and Ales.

Amazing free house!! Being a beer novice I love going here to try the weird and the wonderful, highly recommended with fantastic knowledgeable staff. The best bar in Auckland of its kind – if you haven’t been get there as you are missing out.


The best craft beer haunt in Newmarket, and one of the best in Auckland. With an ever-changing list of beers on tap and in bottles, The Lumsden should be on every beer-lover’s list. They run regular quizzes, and have a games night on Mondays. Food is quality pub fare (try the Meatlovers Antipasto Platter or the thermo-nuclear hot chicken wings). You’ll need a pint or two to cool you down!

The ducks nuts as they say. Quirky welcoming environment, great atmosphere, great bar staff, great beer, and a great location.                                                                  


Revamped and repositioned as a craft beer bar, The Lumsden is a little cracker. A freehouse, too, meaning it is not tied to any particular brewery so you’ll be able to get a much bigger range of beers.
It’s unashamedly aiming for the craft beer fraternity, but it is so much more than simply a beer-geek bar.
The beer selection changes regularly but, given the choice when I was there, it will always have something of interest. It keeps a few “mainstream” beers, such as Heineken, Becks and Guinness because, as the bartender said to me, “some people don’t get the craft beers”.
That’s a great attitude – celebrating craft beer without metaphorically spitting on the mainstream brands and it seems to sum up the ethos behind the Lumsden. They’re not trying to be something they’re not and they manage to balance the old with the craft ale set.
The service is great, too; friendly, informative and prompt, with a sense of humour and no delusions of grandeur. A great outdoor area complements the inside and this is a bar I’ll be going back to again and again.
Scores:  Service: 5 / Drink: 4 /Food: 4/ Atmosphere: 5 /Overall: 4.5                 DON KAVANAGH РHERALD ON SUNDAY

Next time your spouse is keen to make a shopping trip to Newmarket, see if you can bargain for lunch at The Lumsden- a brew pub near the corner of Khyber Pass and Broadway. Whilst the food is pretty darn good- it’s not the main draw. The Lumsden is a free-house pub, not associated with any particular brewery and as such their selection of beer is the best you will find. (Their selection of bourbons is pretty impressive too!) If I said the food is only “pretty darn good”, it is still a draw as well- but for me, it is the beer and atmosphere- a refuge to be sought during extended shopping excursions. If you are not into micro-brews, you might rate this establishment 3/5… but for me and those of like-mind, it is five star.
Visited September 2014 – TRIP ADVISOR

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